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Sport Fishing in British Columbia Canada

Congratulations, you just made one of the most exciting decisions in your life! Sport fishing in British Columbia Canada is like no other vacation. You'll travel to some of the most pristine wilderness on earth, and cast your line at some of the biggest, most aggressive game fish you've ever fought.  Check out the Saltwater Sport Fishing and Freshwater Sport Fishing sections of this site for a great selection of BC Fishing Resorts & Lodges and BC Fishing Guides and Charters.

Saltwater Sport Fishing in British Columbia

BC's West Coast offers sport fishing for 5 species of Pacific Salmon:

  • Chinook (aka: Spring, King & Tyee Salmon), 
  • Coho(aka: Silver Salmon), 
  • Sockeye (aka: Red Salmon), 
  • Pink Salmon (aka: Humpback or Humpie), 
  • Chum Salmon (aka: Dog, Keta).

In addition to outstanding salmon fishing, British Columbia offers Pacific Halibut, Rockcod, Lingcod and more.

Freshwater Sport Fishing in British Columbia

BC's rivers, streams and lakes offer some of the finest freshwater fishing anywhere. Famous the world over for it's fighting Kamloops Rainbow Trout, BC actually has a variety of rainbow trout, all with their own unique character and appearance - all appealing to the trout fishermen. BC's lakes and streams abound with rainbow trout. From very, very large strains to very abundant smaller strains, BC's Rainbow Trout are among the top 5 sport fish in North America, prized for their aggressive take and fierce fight.

BC's rivers are renowned for their Steelhead sport fishing. A mature Steelhead usually weighs 8-9 pounds but has been known to reach 36 pounds, and famed because of the hard fight they put up. The exhilaration of landing a hooked Steelhead in a swift, rocky river in winter are legendary.

Lake Trout or Lake Char are typically 15-20 inches long, weighing an average of 10 pounds but they have been known to exceed 100 pounds.  It can readily be found in northern British Columbia in shallow lakes and in rivers and in the south of BC, in deeper lakes.

White Sturgeon, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Whitefish and more all inhabit BC's freshwater systems.

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